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is a respected educational institution that
integrates perspectives from various exercise instructors, including doctors,
physical therapists, as well as fitness, yoga, and pilates trainers, to cultivate top-notch trainers.

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Senior Educators

Jung Won Seo

Jung Won Seo is a professional trainer with over 17 years of experience in rehabilitation exercise. Based on his expertise in pain relief and functional improvement, sports rehabilitation, musculoskeletal diseases and preventive management, he serves as the director of the Healience Core Center and lectures on HLA.

Jung Won SeoJung Won Seo
Yu-An Chen

Yu-An Chen holds a Ph.D. from the Institute of Life Sciences at National Defense Medical Center. Additionally, he received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Nova Southeastern University. Postdoctoral fellowship at National Chiao Tung University. He serves as a teacher for physiotherapists, holds a physical therapist license, and is an invited speaker at universities in Taiwan and China.

Yu-An ChenYu-An Chen
Dragon Cheng

Dragon Cheng is a renowned health expert who frequently appears on television programs and has delivered over 3000 speeches in Taiwan and internationally. He holds the top position in Google searches for "Spine Health." Additionally, he is a best-selling author, securing a place in the top 100 annually in 2016

Dragon ChengDragon Cheng
Lynn Lee

Lynn started Pilates in 2009 and been Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified in 2013, making her the first Chinese in China to be a certified trainer. She is the Polestar Educator since 2018, certified Pre/postnatal instructor of the Center for Women’s Fitness and teacher of Franklin Method Pelvic Power.

Lynn LeeLynn Lee


Woon Kyung Jung

Woon kyung Jung is a trainer with more than 15 years of experience in fitness and rehabilitation exercises. Specializing in corrective and rehabilitation exercises as well as functional anatomy, he is responsible for the health care of various corporate executives and employees to expand Healience Core Center's business model to various companies.

Woon Kyung JungWoon Kyung Jung
Hwa Ryung Lee

Hwa Ryung Lee is a veteran personal trainer with 13 years of experience, who lectures at various universities and associations. She specializes in swimming, yoga, weight training, and rehabilitation exercises and serves as a leader at HLA based on her expertise in these fields. She plans various classes in HLA.

Hwa Ryung LeeHwa Ryung Lee
Sang Min Choi

Sang Min Choi is a physical therapist and rehabilitation trainer with a major in physical therapy and 16 years of experience. He has conducted physical therapy and exercise therapy for patients in hospitals for 16 years. Additionally, he has also worked with clients at Healience Core Center to improve discomfort and enhance exercise function.

Sang Min ChoiSang Min Choi
Dong Hyeok Hwang

Dong Hyeok Hwang is a veteran trainer with a degree in Sports Healthcare and 14 years of training experience. He specializes in corrective and rehabilitation exercises, and knows how to find the cause of the client's discomfort and improve it through exercise. Based on his experience, he teaches shoulder-related lectures at HLA.

Dong Hyeok HwangDong Hyeok Hwang
Jung Ho Kim

Jung Ho Kim is a professional trainer who majored in sports healthcare and is currently a member of the Healiance Core Center for the purpose of rehab and sports function, and is currently doing lectures about knee, ankle, and shoulder training within HLA.

Jung Ho KimJung Ho Kim
Eun Sun Jung

Eun Sun Jung is a professional instructor with 7 years of experience who conducts lectures at universities and associations. With her expertise in ballet, pilates, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis, and rehabilitative exercises, she is currently doing lectures about how to train with exercise instruments within HLA.

Eun Sun JungEun Sun Jung